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Three Menacing Items Lurking in Your Bathroom

Do you know what lurks in your bathroom? There are three menacing, yet innocent, everyday items that are old makeup, crusty contact lens cases, and unused or outdated medicines. The side effects from using any of these items could make you sick.

Let’s look at old makeup:

If your makeup has been sitting on a bathroom shelf for some time, then it might be time to replace it.
- Mascara has a short shelf life and you should replace it every two to three months.
- Discard lip-gloss after six months.
- Replace lipstick once a year.
- Replace powdered products every six months up to two years.
- Never, ever let someone else use your mascara.

There are several reasons why you should replace your makeup:

- The older your mascara gets the greater the bacterial growth. As a result, you may develop an eye infection.
- When you use old foundation your face can breakout into a rash.
- Common signs of skin allergies or irritation due to makeup are rashes, red bumps, itching, dry patches, blisters and pain.

Item number two is crusty contact lens cases:

Researchers have found ninety-two percent of contact lens cases contaminated due to poor cleaning and hygiene.

Recommended actions:

- Replace lens cases every one to three months.
- Daily clean and air-dry, lens cases and place case upset down.
- For optimal eye care, use fresh soaking solution every day.
- Do not top off or reuse eye solutions.

Item number three is expired or unused medications:

Keeping expired or unused medications is a dangerous situation for everyone in the house.

Recommended actions:

- Remove expired and unused medications to a childproof location until you can dispose of them properly.
- Please do not flush medications down the toilet.
o As pills dissolve, the residue can leak into public water systems.
o Medications can be flushed into local creeks, rivers and lakes.
- Please do not throw them in the trash where children, pets and other animals can get to them.
- Contact your local police department to find out where official collection sites are located.
- Check the website for other approved disposal ideas.

The FDA published a list of medications that are okay to flush, but if possible try to turn unused or expired medicines to an official collection site.

Okay, to review, be very careful with your makeup so you won’t become ill or develop an infection.
For good eye health, replace your contact lens case every one to three months. Clean and air-dry, by turning the case upset down, every day. Always use fresh soaking solution every day. Do not top off the old solution and do not reuse old solution.
For a safe and healthy environment, do not flush expired or unused medications. Please do not throw prescription drugs in the trash. If possible, take these medications to an official disposal site.
By following these guidelines you can protect yourself and those around you.

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