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Three makeup products to brighten your look in five minutes

All these products are confusing to most women.
All these products are confusing to most women.
Makeup Kits

With hundreds of different makeup products out there it's hard for a woman to know what they need opposed to what products just say they need them on the packaging. As a rule, there are only three things a woman must have in her makeup kit (bathroom drawer, over night bag, or bathroom counter top). Mascara, lip gloss, and blush are the three magic products every woman needs; although most woman like to have a bit more than this in their makeup collection nothing else in my opinion is truly necessary for everyday wear.

 For those of us that wake up early to go to work or take our kids to school and don't want to look repulsive, however at the same time really cherish the extra 45 minutes of sleep we could get if we didn't get up, brush our teeth, do our hair, and put on a full face of makeup just to drag ourselves into our cars and head out on the road.

Now I'm not saying you should go anywhere without brushing their chompers, so brush your pearly whites, throw a pony tail up and all that's left is a swipe of the mascara wand to open your eyes and instantly make you look more awake, a stroke of blush to liven your complexion and give a healthy color to your cheeks, and lastly a dab of lightly tinted lip gloss to add that healthy lip color and juicy moist appearance. Tally that up and you can still save 40 minutes of sleep in the morning and still look at your lively best in five minutes or less.

If you still need that extra five minutes of sleep then make sure you pack breathe mints in your purse and wear some dark sunglasses to hide behind.