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Three legged surrendered dog slated for euthanasia at high kill NY shelter

Blacky doesn't mind just having three legs. He can jump, play and climb stairs. He's very sociable and deserves another chance at life.
Blacky doesn't mind just having three legs. He can jump, play and climb stairs. He's very sociable and deserves another chance at life.
Urgent NY Dogs

Once upon a time, eight-year-old Blacky had a home; last week he was surrendered to New York City Animal Care and Control, and today he is scheduled to die. His ID# is A0997379.

"I am a male black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old."

Four years ago, Blacky lost his leg due to an infection which began in his toe. No details were given what or why it happened, but Blacky has since adjusted very well to his physical challenges and walks on a leash, climbs stairs, runs, and still loves to play.

A volunteer writes this about her meeting with Blacky:

"He is a pooch with a strong spirit! In the yard, we are met by a staff member who knows him well. Blacky wags his tail and right away goes to her for caresses. He looks like a very affectionate dog. He is good on the leash, pulls a little at times and eliminates on the way. Free in a pen, he roams around. I can see that he is a bit stressed. Blacky might be middle-aged but he is a strong dog and does not belong kept in a kennel. Too many changes also have recently affected his life and he does not know where he belongs to anymore. Blacky settles down eventually, takes a treat and sits by my side, very peacefully. He comes to my lap, asking for comfort and hugs. He kisses my face profusely...Blacky is well nourished and healthy looking."

This wonderful pooch has three strikes against him; he is a black dog, he has a physical challenge, and he's a pit bull mix. Blacky's story has been shared nearly 5,000 times and still no one has promised to help him.

The volunteer continues:

"He knows his ways around people and is a very sociable dog. Blacky was given away by his long time owner to a friend who could not keep him. Blacky, although friendly with his new master's pets (dogs and small critters) had difficulties to integrate to the pack for a host of reasons. Who knows?

What we are all sure of however, is Blacky is homeless and in grave danger of never seeing tomorrow.

Please follow Blacky's desperate plight on Facebook by clicking here. Can we save him before it's too late?

Please go to to fill out a application for this senior special needs boy.

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