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Three legged dog bonded with little boy with rare genetic muscle condition

In a nearly ten-minute video of an adorable little seven-year-old boy from North London who is physically challenged by an extremely rare condition that severely affects his balance, and his three-legged dog who suffered from an abusive start in life, it is guaranteed the video which has gone viral, will make your heart smile reports Friday's Mirror News.

2013 Winner at Crufts dog competition for being "boy's best friend."

Young Owen Howkins suffers from Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that keeps his muscles constantly tensed, making it very painful and difficult to move. The little boy felt so subconscious from people watching him, Owen became very scared of strangers and didn't want to go outside.

And then came an Anatolian shepherd named Haatchi whose former owner tied the five-month-old puppy to a railroad track. The train cut off most of his tail and severely injured his left back leg. Fortunately Haatchi was rescued by the RSPCA, but by the time the dog was found, his leg was so badly infected, it had to be amputated. Only a stub of his tail could be saved.

Just six weeks after Haatchi's surgery, it may have been kismet that the child and the dog met. The child's stepmother found the dog through Facebook. From the first moment they met, the two were in love; Owen tells the world:

"The first day I met him in the morning, he just laid up to me and put his head on my lap. And that's what happened...He's changed my life."

Shortly after the two bonded, Owen wasn't scared of going outdoors anymore. Now people would be talking about the three-legged dog and what happened to Haatchi and no longer focusing on Owen's physical challenges and his differences.

According to Yahoo News, Haathchi took first place in the 2013 Croft's dog show in the Friends for Life, a competition that celebrates dogs who have earned the title of man's best friend through their deeds and their unselfish devotion.

The two work together as a team; they work through their differences, but their loyalty to each other is amazing.

Make sure you watch the video. It is just a delight!

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