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Children hurt in cannon blast: Cannon explosion burns 3 kids at Civil War Day

Three kids were rushed to the hospital after a cannon exploded during a Civil War reenactment in Utah. The children actually caught fire in what is being called a "mishap" by Orem Police Lt. Josh Adams, according to NBC News on June 15.

Civil War cannon explosion injures three kids who caught on fire.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The children were injured on Saturday night during a patriotic cannon firing in Orem. This activity was part of the city's annual Summer Fest Grand Parade.

Four children were involved in this explosion, one girl and three boys. Only three needed to be rushed to the hospital suffering first and second degree burns on their waists and arms.

A RN was one of the people in the crowd and one of the first to respond to the scene. She was at the parade enjoying the festivities when the explosion ripped through the noise of the crowd, reports Fox News today.

Corina Johnson said that the four kids ranged in age from 10 to 12. Apparently when a cannon went off sparks ignited a nearby pouch that contained additional charges to fire off the cannons. That pouch blew up and the children's clothing caught fire.

When the explosion first happened, all you could see was smoke, but when the smoke quickly cleared you could see the kids with their garments on fire. That is when people started to yell for them to "drop and roll."

Johnson said she got to the kids, doused the fire using water from water bottles and then got as much of the burning clothes off the kids that she could. She was just about done when paramedics arrived and took over.

Johnson said that three of the kids needed to be transported to an area hospital and while their injuries weren't life-threatening, she wouldn't be surprise if the kids remained in the hospital for a few days while doctors medically attended to the burns.

A press release states that the three kids were in the hospital and in stable condition. While hospitals are used to getting the summertime firework burns and injuries, this cannon explosion is not something they often come across, even though the injuries are similar.

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