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Three Insane (But True) Things About Traveling to Wilmington, DE

So you want to travel to Wilmington, DE during the weekend. However, you wonder: Is there something that I should be wary of during my travels? You see every city has its positive rosy side, which is advertised in travel brochures. However, today we will discuss the negative points of Wilmington DE. Although they are not that many, there are still a few things you need to know.

First, let us look at the warnings that people travelling with their families should be aware of.

Do your sightseeing during the day – One huge negative aspect is the robberies that may occur in the city. The layout of the city is such that at certain places, the roads are narrow and difficult to navigate. While this does not pose a problem in the day, they are a trap for robbers during the night. Hence, stick close to your hotel room and do not carry your documents or cash when you step out at night.

Keep your vehicles locked – Statistics shows that cars are a favorite target for robbers at night. Hence, before you travel, invest in a high-end security alarm system. The system should be such that it gets activated immediately and should be loud enough to alert the authorities.

Store your valuables in a locker – Ask the hotel to store all your valuables in a secure locker and do not keep any items in your room. This means that in case of any robbery attempt, all your money and credit cards will be safe and the damage will be minimal. Also, stay away from bars and unfamiliar areas during weekends – the weekend rush in the city is pretty high. This means that bars all around the city are always full and open till late in the night. But this means that there may be a lot of unsavory characters too. Hence, it is advisable to visit the bar connected to your hotel or near to your hotel for your safety.

What about weather warnings connected to Wilmington? You may not have expected such harsh weather in the state of Delaware, but better be prepared.

1. Always get the weather reports in advance – Since it is near the coastline, the weather can be extremely fickle from June till November. Hence, check online for the forecast for the duration of your trip. Also, ask your hotel to inform you in advance if bad weather is expected.

2. Carry adequate protection and do not travel during extreme weather – Tropical storms are common in this beautiful city. While it is not able to predict when such a storm will strike, carry enough protection against rain. Also, if the storm strikes during your visit, stay indoors.

3. Ensure that you visit beaches with lifeguards – One important point that you should remember is to stay away from unguarded beaches. Always visit beaches that have a lifeguard round the clock. Ensure that you do not enter the water unless you are an expert swimmer. If you are not, then stick close to the shore or enter the water in a group.
We hope these tips help you remain safe throughout your vacation or weekend trip in Wilmington, Delaware. You can book now online flight tickets to Wilmington with Spies (or as they say in Danish flybilletter med Spies) on this website.

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