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Three ingredients for making lemonade from the lemons of single parenthood

Did life throw a few lemons at you in your single parent journey? Is this definitely NOT what you signed up for? Do you ever wish you could have a do-over? Most single parents find themselves on a journey fraught with some sour patches here and there. Rather than let those lemons make you bitter, turn them into lemonade as you strive to make your life sweeter for you and your kids. Daily changes can add up to lasting change for your single parent family.

  1. Seek out friendships that bring out your best. Make time in your life to build friendships with other authentic people who accept you for who you are and hold you accountable. People with good boundaries will bring out your best because they will speak the truth in love. Friendships like these are important because single parents need support and encouragement to fill in the void from not having a spouse around to lend an ear or a hand. Creating time in your schedule to meet with good friends over coffee or even a hear-to-heart phone call will give you the energy to face your single parent challenges.
  2. Create meaningful moments with your children that are not just limited to vacation time. Look for opportunities to connect with your children whether you are taking a vacation this summer or not. Surprise your kids by camping out in the back yard and roast s’mores on the fire pit. Make a yummy Sunday brunch and then play cards at the kitchen table before clean up. Let your kids get you soaked while washing the car. Take time to eat meals together at the table to reflect on the day rather than tune each other out over a meal in front of the TV. Significant memories do not have to cost a thing. More importantly, these meaningful moments convey to your children that you ARE a family and that time together is a priority.
  3. Strive for a daring attitude to be the best person you can be. Be the best person you can be first so you can pass that behavior onto your children by modeling it in front of them. Read parenting books, attend seminars, and work on improving yourself through journaling, prayer, and meditation so that you continue to leave your past behind as you step forward into a new legacy. The good news is that starting today, you CAN move beyond your past and create a new heritage for you and your children whether life turned out the way you planned or not. It is up to you to create a sweeter life from the lemons of single parenthood, a life that both you and your kids will be proud of.
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