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Three hospital UCSD Medical Center building to open health opportunities

New healthcare location. The future three hospital medical center building is being built behind the main hospital at UCSD. Friday, May 16th.
New healthcare location. The future three hospital medical center building is being built behind the main hospital at UCSD. Friday, May 16th.
Adam Benjamin

Largely open land on the UCSD Medical Center campus on the east side of the I-5 now holds up the ten story building UCSD will open three new hospitals in during 2016. Advances in cancer care, advanced surgery, and women and infant care discovered at nearby biotechnology companies will one day be used to treat patients at a medical building the outdoor areas help patients, who recover in maximized indoor light, heal faster.

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
New UCSD Medical Center building built on open land across the I-5 from Gilamn Dr on the UCSD west campus.

Synergistic opportunities to dedicate work to new cancer treatments will foster healthcare growth at the cancer research hospital located on Medical Center Drive behind the UCSD main hospital building, near the Cancer Research Institute.

Four and a half floors above the lobby will give patients a place to get help winning the life saving work against a life threatening illness. UCSD decided to take up a growing number of canacer patients in San Diego, a place cancer stays the number one killer. The local population, growing and aging, had outgrown the current campus healthcare facilities before construction of the new hospital building started in 2012. Expanded clinical care, that handles the local need for more outpatient services, and gives families places to stay near patients and help relieve doubts, will improve patient options.

The concrete that strengthened the hospital building's foundation was all in place in JUne last year. By October 24th, the steel structure was built up to its full height, and topped off by a beam. Upper floors still open to the outdoor sun, with views out over scenic La Jolla to the Pacific OCean, call attention to the ongoing work.

Women and infants undergoing care following delivery and childbirth have their own hospital onthe floors to stay in. With enough neonatal care units to not overfill, once fully built, the top floors will let the views through the windows to make an impressions on the women who went through complex pregnancies, and the newborns with diaetes or hypertension who need extensive care.

State-of-the-art technology will aid the "nation's best surgeons" UCSD brought in to eradicate malignant cancer, and, repair the body after organ failure. The lower floors, below the lobby, house the Advanced Surgery hospital. Surgeons at the lower hospital will stay prepared to perform the micro-incision and robotic surgeries that least interfere with the body's state of health, and the healing periods the body stays open to positive change.

The three hospitals at the Jacobs Medical Center will house doctors in work spaces fit out for the one-to-one compassionate care that can prove treatments found in breakthrough research help patients open up opportunities to experience a full lifetime of health.

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