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Three haunted places you wouldn't want to go to at night (or doing the day)

Here are three places around the world that are haunted. They are three places that have some gruesome history. Anyway, like all ghost cases it's always up to the reader if they truly believe that there are actually ghosts haunting these three places.

Let's explore these creepy places:

1. The Crescent Hotel

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, US

The Crescent Hotel is a 78 year old hotel and it's said to be haunted by numerous ghosts. Michael was an Irish man who worked in the hotel and had a fatal fall off the roof. His spirit is said to roam the halls and the surrounding rooms. Also roaming these grounds is a man dressed in Victorian clothing, he haunts the lobby. Doctor Baker (he ran the facility in the 1930s when it was a spa/hospital) haunts the hotel and there is said that you can see a ghost of a nurse. Room 202 is notably to be very haunted, so if your interested that might be the room to sleep in!

2. The Rose Hall

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rose Hall is a very popular tourist attraction in Jamaica, mainly because of its dark history. Annie Palmer the notorious mistress of Rose Hall can be one reason why there is some dark history about the place. She's notorious because of all the cruel things she did. The locals called her the Black Witch. Hall was said to have brutally tortured slaves, and she killed three of her husbands in some very gruesome ways. The ways that she did were of poisoning, strangling, and then by stabbing and pouring boiling oil in the ears of one of her husbands. She was a cruel and a very strange woman. Annie Palmer's victims are said to haunt the grounds. Also it's said that there are secret underground tunnels that are supposedly smeared with bloodstains in numerous places. It's no doubt that such a violent and suffering place that it's filled with spirits!

3. Old Changi Hospital

Nevthervon Road, Changi Villages, Singapore

The Old Changi Road is reportedly to be the most haunted place in Singapore. It was built in the 1930s and has a lot of history to it and still does, even after its closing in 1997. Ghosts of prisoners of war, doctors, nurses and patients are said to be roaming the halls.Most of the wards in there are haunted and one place in particular is the mortuary. The mortuary is full of bloodstains and it's more like a chamber than anything, there's chains in the room. The place was used by the Japanese for some time as a Military Hospital. It's history seems like it was a place place that was full of torture and "disappearances" than just your every day hospital.

This is just a taste of what is out there in the paranormal world. So if you're a ghost hunter you might want to explore them.

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