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Three Giant Leaps Series #2: Courage - Be a Visionary

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Make 2011 the year you say yes! Over the next fourteen weeks I will be helping you through a “do it yourself” career makeover using on our powerful “Three Leaps” process which we use to help private clients and groups all over the world. Whether you are looking to change career, feel stuck in a career you don’t like or simply want more meaning (and excitement) from your current job, this series will help provide you with the tools to turn your job into something you really enjoy.

In my fifteen year study of people who have and follow a calling or soul work, there is one common thread that emerges. At some point in their life, they all had the courage to follow their hearts rather than following convention. This courage was fueled by an inspiring clear picture of the future or their vision. From some this may have been dropping out of school to travel to India or start a business, for others it was changing majors despite a parent’s disapproval and in some cases it was the courage to leave a stifling personal or professional relationship.

Do you have an authentic, heart-centered vision for your work and life?
If your answer is yes, it may be time to step up your resolve to focus your career and life choices around this vision. It is time to take more courageous steps, to attain what you were born to do.
If the answer is no, your task in this part of process will be to dig deeper into what you really want, clear away the clutter that may be getting you off track which will take courage as well.

Activity One:

• Write about a time when you took a risk and it did not work in your favor. What did you learn?

• Write about a time when you took a risk and it was well worth it. What did you learn?

• Be honest with yourself and journal about what courage means to you and how you can be more clear and courageous without being reckless. If you want, have a conversation about this with a trusted mentor, friend or colleague.

Activity Two:

• Do your best to describe your vision for your work and your life for this coming year. For some of you it will be more general than clear at this point, it will be more clear and tangible later in this process.

Laurel Donnellan


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