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Three Giant Leaps Series #14: Wrap-up and Next Steps

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This series was designed to give you a taste of what is possible through our method for career change

If you followed the series and did the exercises as suggested, you may find yourself at a more creative and positive place. If you did not follow along, it is not too late. You can go back, access this series and begin again. In addition, you may want go deeper and get more support through this process and you can find out more about these options at We have group and one to one options for professional coaches, teens, college students and adults of all ages.

Activity #1:
What did you learn about yourself in this process?
What changes have you made you can fully or partially attribute to this series?
What unanswered questions are you left with?
How can TGL improve this series?
Activity #2:

If you completed all the exercises in this series, send us the answers to activity #1 above to info@threegiantleaps and put “COMPLETION” in the subject line and we will send you a TGL leadership series as a gift.
Congratulations on the completion of your mini program!

Laurel Donnellan, President of Three Giant Leaps, has 30 years of experience as a leader, educator and coach: and has degrees from Cornell and Columbia. She is a thought leader in global career development. Her passion is helping people of all ages find their home in the world of work. Join Laurel at a Career Yoga Event Live in Austin, Texas or online on May 25th. Learn more at:


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