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Three Giant Leaps Series #11: Integrity: Claim a Purpose

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Do you have a formal purpose statement for yourself?

A purpose statement can help answer the all important question, why are you working? If they are written with honesty and careful consideration they can help you and you be inspired and stay on track.

Here are my work and personal purpose statements:

- We help teens and adults answer the question: What was I born to do? And then, make the answer a reality.
- We innovate by melding the worlds of coaching, personal growth, technology and business.

- To follow my heart and trust what moves me.

1. Create a list of 10 reasons why you work now.
2. Create a list of 10 reasons you want to work in the future. (some may be the same as #1)
3. From this list and you own reflection create a one line personal purpose for work.

Activity# 2:
1. What is your personal purpose outside of work?

Laurel Donnellan, President of Three Giant Leaps, has 30 years of experience as a leader, educator and coach: and has degrees from Cornell and Columbia. She is a thought leader in global career development. Her passion is helping people of all ages find their home in the world of work. Join Laurel at a Career Yoga Event Live in Austin, Texas or online on May 25th. Learn more at:


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