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Three Gemstones and Their Uses in Astrology

Gems and stones have been used since ancient times, not only for ornamental purpose, but also for their hidden qualities to substitute vital elements of the human body. Probably the first standard classical Vedic astrological text that mentioned gems is “Hora sara” of the Indian astronomer and astrologer Varahamihira.

However, it was only thanks to the development of modern science that the chemical properties of these gems and stones were brought to everyone’s attention. It has been proven that the gems store a lot of energy. The effect of various gemstones on the human body has been studied by the many astrologers and doctors. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at three such gems.

Ruby has always been considered one of the most valuable gemstones. It is wonderfully colored, hard, and it has a beautiful brilliance. Regarding Indian classical astrological texts which talk about rubies, they say that the ruby is a gemstone which represents the Sun. A ruby of good quality should be worn by those who have a weak Sun in their horoscope, and the weight of the gem has to be a minimum of two carats for normal body weight. The stone must be set in gold and worn on the ring finger of the right hand for men and on the ring finger of the left hand for women.

Emerald is perhaps the most beautiful gem in the Navarathnas family. The emerald has the most intense green found in any organic substance/body. Even the Vedas mention this gem and its healing properties. Emeralds can be successfully used in astrological remedies without any problems. This gem is used in order to ensure academic excellence, intelligence, concentration, and educational achievements.

Diamonds are carbon in pure form. Chemically, there is no difference between coal, diamond, and graphite, but it is the unique way in which atoms bond that makes the difference. Diamonds can be found in Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Tanzania, and other countries. The most important test that a diamond must pass for it to be a real diamond is for all the light entering the front of the stone to be entirely reflected from the back facets, which are like several mirrors.

In astrology, diamonds represent Venus, so it can prove helpful in preventing and fighting against: reproductive system problems, marital life, and love life. Diamonds also improve finances and bless those who wear them with peace of mind. This gem is used in the case of illnesses such as: diabetes, diseases of urinary tracks, skin and uterine diseases. Diamonds should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand in any white metal.

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