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Three fun things to do around Jackson Hole

With a population of 9,000, this town is ideal for summer fun. The town is situated next to the Teton National Park, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to explore this amazing place of wilderness. Summer months are peak times for tourism.

Take a kayaking trip with O.A.R.S..
Take a kayaking trip with O.A.R.S..
Jeannette Herreria
This welcome sign tells visitors they are heading to Jackson Hole.
Jeannette Herreria

While everyone knows the town as Jackson Hole, GPS and maps indicate the city as Jackson. Ask a local why and they will tell you Jackson Hole is referred to as the area within the valley of Jackson.

Ski enthusiasts know Jackson Hole as the winter destination for snow bunnies. But summer is the time to explore this "cowboy" town.

Here are three things to do near and in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

1. Explore Teton National Park with experienced guides from O.A.R.S., the only tour company allowed to stay overnight at Grassy Island through the option of kayaking. The Tetons cover 70 miles from end to end. The views are breathtaking and it's irresistible not to take pictures. Boats, sailboats and canoes line up to get into Jackson Lake for fishing, kayaking and enjoying the beautiful tetons.

2. Photograph yourself at the arches of elk in the middle of downtown Jackson. The elks' antlers are piled to make four arches at each corner of this park. It's an amazing photograph and visitors can't wait to take a "selfie" image. The local boy scouts gathered the antlers that fall off every spring to bring to the downtown park. A large welcome sign hangs down from the middle of the arch as the perfect photo opportunity. Signs warn visitors on not taking an antler, indicating it is a crime and a stiff penalty fine is part of the violation.

3. Stop at the visitor's center of Jackson Hole. This center houses an information brochures, displays of stuffed animals, a lookout area to view wildlife from the second floor, a continuous video of Jackson Hole and staff to answer visitors' questions on daily activities, suggestions on restaurants and last-minute hotel reservations in the surrounding area. In addition to numerous brochures, it is an ideal place to purchase souvenirs associated with Jackson Hole. The center is packed with visitors, guests and out-of-towners.

Contact Information:

PO Box 67
Angels Camp, CA 95222
Phone: 209-736-4677
Toll Free: 800-346-6277
Fax: 209-736-2902

Tip #1: If you see cars pulled over to the side, wildlife is nearby for viewing.

Tip #2: A guided tour by O.A.R.S. is the a good way to maximize a visit to National Teton Park.

Tip #3: If you forgot your camera at home, stop by a local grocery and pick up a disposable camera for unforgettable images of the antlers arches at downtown Jackson Hole park.

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