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Three friends encounter shadow figure near Arizona park

An Arizona woman and two friends captured a shadow figure on video near an alleged haunted park by her home last month. The woman believes that the entity in the video may be a demon that lurks in an area known as the Demon Playground.

Arizona woman encounters shadow person near park
John Albrecht

On December 18, 2013, Paula Vazquez and two of her friends John Yoder and John Albrecht went exploring near a park by North 110th Lane and West Belmont Avenue in Glendale, Arizona. Vazquez lived in the neighborhood all of her life and referred to the area as the Demon Playground and claims that the area is extremely haunted.

"I believe it is a demon. There were three of us there that night. Both Johns were behind me, one of them was filming me walking, and the other one was behind him about ten feet or more, so it was none of us," Vazquez said.

In one of the clips from the Vazquez's footage, a ghostly shadow can be seen passing Vazquez and the cameraman as they talk about provoking spirits. A closer look at the video in slow motion shows what Vazquez believes to be proof of an actual demon.

"Some people are telling me that I have an attachment. Four days prior to this adventure I was in Prescott, Arizona at a funeral home and we caught a similar shadow on video. I'm not sure that I'm entirely convinced that this is paranormal though. On this particular footage I was using a an OEM HD infrared video camera with two external infrared spotlight illuminators. Each illuminator is powered by one 9 volt battery so I doubt both lights malfunctioned at the same exact time. Although this is great footage, it still doesn't answer any of our questions, it only leaves us with more," Vazquez's friend John Albrecht said about the footage.

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