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Three for the night

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Last night, I took a walk down to Taco Mac Kennesaw with the intentions of just reviewing one beer but ended up downing three incredible flavors from around the country.

I started off the evening with Star Hill’s Northern Lights IPA. It has a very bold hoppy and wooden flavor and an almost radiant dark amber color. The carbonation is medium to high. With fizz that will tickle the inside of the tasters ears and warm the heart, Northern Lights weighs in at 7.2% ABV should. The taste is extremely smooth with a light aftertaste that is the same as the sip meaning the flavor doesn’t change after the brew has slid down your gullet. Personally, I put this above Georgia's own SweetWater IPA.

SweetWater is a darker, more caramel color. It lacks the boldness of the Northern Lights and actually works as more of a rinse. I should have switched the drink order. The crown on Northern Lights is sudsy while SweetWater has a creamy crown. The carbonation in SweetWater is higher than Northern Lights and dances on the tongue. NL fills the whole cavern with sparks.

The third taste for the night is Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA. It has a full, robust flavor robust flavor comparable to Northern Lights. It is very roasty, with notes of nuts and grain. The pour was served to me with a bubble bath-like crown. I admit, it had been sitting long enough to lose quite a bit of retention as I was completing my SweetWater IPA, but there was still some suds left above the beer so I would deem the retention as fair. Torpedo has a dark reddish-amber color that is as much fun to admire as it is to drink. The hops are flavorful and is 6.8% alcohol by volume.

If I had to pick a favorite for the night, it would be Star. After working nights, this beer is what you want to come home to. It is strong enough for the drinker ton not need another then another. The first glass gets the job done and the second glass is just for fun.

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