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Three-foot pet alligator rescued from residential home in Longview

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Longview Animal Control has an unusual guest today; the organization is caring for a three-foot long alligator found at a residence on Enterprise Street reported Monday's

Alligators are no longer an endangered species, but are protected in all ten states where they are found. In Texas, they are a protected game species which means a permit is required to hunt, raise, or possess one in the state. It is illegal to feed, kill, disturb or move an alligator.

While baby alligators are cute, it is against the law to remove them from their natural habitats or bring one home as a pet. These reptiles do not become tame when kept in captivity.

Gregg County Game Warden Todd Long stated:

“He appears pretty healthy and taken care of but without the proper permits, we seized the animal. We will take him to a free ranging place so he can be with other alligators.”

Authorities are searching for the alligator's owner who may face fines up to $500.

To read about alligators in Texas and the laws that refer to these reptiles, please click here. Enjoy these wonders of nature from a safe distance. Although they are normally very shy and avoid human contact, it is best to give these creatures a wide berth.

Violators should be reported to Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Operation Game Thief at 1-800- 792-4263 (GAME) or TPWD Operation Game Thief.

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