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Three Fitness and Health Lessons from Sochi Olympians

Proud Athletes
Proud Athletes
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The winter Olympics are back and athletes from around the globe are descending into the Russian city of Sochi. Dedicated men and women who have practiced and honed their skills in skiing, skating, and more are great examples to look to for the “every person” who struggles to keep on track with their personal fitness and wellness program. As we watch this crop of Olympians as they compete and either win or lose, here are 3 tips that we can use to help motivate us.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice – Now of course, this is important if you have a skating routine to perfect or a luge world record to break, but how does this work for the average Joe or Jill? Its simple, we have to practice every day -- good eating habits, making it to the gym, or taking that 30 minute walk. Any fitness plan requires constant practice to keep it on track and to see results. Then once you hit your goal, begin to practice the next phase – step it up to the next level.

2. Take Defeat Seriously – When a star athlete comes in second or third, it is a blow to their psyche and their belief in their abilities, but it also is a chance to review what went wrong and to make improvements. The same is true with personal fitness goals. So, you pigged out on dinner AND dessert three nights in a row and didn’t exercise for two weeks. That is a defeat, but it doesn’t knock you out. Shake it off, forget about the mistake and begin again. If you let mistakes overcome your end goal, you won’t see those pounds melt off or your chest and biceps expand. Take it seriously and make changes and keep on moving forward, not backward.

3. Wear it Proud – When the parade of nations marched into the Sochi Olympic Stadium, all of the athletes are happy, excited and definitely proud of representing their countries, but also of their accomplishments to make it to the Olympics. When they step onto the podium to accept their metals, their pride shines. Do the same. If you gain muscle mass, lose ten pounds, or see your skin and hair glistening because of good food choices, be proud of the fact. Its okay to let your family and friends know. More than likely, they’ll share in your success and your pride. Just like we share in the pride of each athlete as we watch them compete and win.

Make bold choices in your fitness and diet and then show your pride in your accomplishments, remember to take defeat seriously and don't forget to practice!

– Kevin Feather
Kevin is the Lifestyle Editor and a contributing writer for LuxuriousPROTOTYPE. He is also a contributing writer for the He can be found on Twitter @Kfeat and also on Google.

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