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Three easy ways to shift your energy

The demand for balance is evident all around us.
The demand for balance is evident all around us.

Make the Shift

The universe is demanding a realignment of mind, body and spirit to accommodate a new level of consciousness. This alignment will help you more clearly understand the part you are meant to play in the healing of the planet.

Mother Earth is working to repair, restore and sustain the damage caused by thousands of years of neglect and abuse. Everyday, more people are embracing their God-given ability to transform matter by shifting the flow of universal energy through prayer, meditation and thought. If you've not yet taken control of your personal circumstances, you're probably frustrated and feeling as if you're treading water and getting nowhere. It is human nature to resist change, but the nagging feeling in your gut (or solar plexus) won't be ignored or go away until you make the shift or cease to exist.

Conscious will and ego stagnate spiritual growth and development. They block energy flow in chakras and auras, and impede communication with the Divine. Armed with the right tools, you can survive the changes that are being asked of you and discover personal joy that heals the planet and facilitates a swift transformation from a society of individuals to a body of light beings working in cooperation with an expanded consciousness that is pure love and all-inclusive.

Here are three simple things you can do to immediately shift your energy and align yourself with the Divine.

Use Energy for Self-healing

Ki is life force energy that flows through all living things on this planet. Reiki is the use of ki to heal yourself and others. You can receive Reiki healing from a certified practitioner or learn to heal yourself and others in a one day workshop which ends with an intiation or attunement that enables you to access and channel ki on your own. Reiki balances the chakras, promotes deep relaxation, speeds healing from illness and injury and strengthens intuition. If you're a first-timer, find a Reiki Meetup. There are groups in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, the San Fernando Valley and surrounding cities.

Move Your Body

Movement is a great energy conductor. Yoga, dancing, walking, jumping and physical play will help you increase your energy, restore physical balance and raise your vibrational frequency. A new to hotspot in Los Angeles to get your movement on is Chakra 5 on Melrose.

Breathe Deeply

Moving your body encourages deep breathing, which comes with a host of benefits. Breathing deeply detoxifies the body, releases toxins and massages the organs. It also strengthens the heart and the immune system and releases carbon dioxide which strengthens the blood and brings clarity of thought.


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