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Three easy ways for fathers to reach their families through technology

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Dads, are you looking for a way to reach your family when you're away from them? Are you a little tech-savvy? These three tips can help:

  1. Record a video greeting-Most lap-tops today have built in net cameras, so record a short video message for your family. The video will remind them that you are thinking about them quite often while you are away. Don't forget the most important part: email the file to your family!
  2. Snap a photo of yourself by a landmark-If you're travelling, why not take a picture of yourself with your cell phone, standing in front of a landmark of some kind. Not all trips are fun, and not all destinations have breathtaking views, but your family will have some sense of being on the trip with you. Don't forget the most important part: email the photo or send a picture message!
  3. Record an Audioboo-Many men use Facebook and Twitter these days, but have you used Audioboo? Audioboo is a service that falls somewhere between audio blogs and audio status updates. The service is available on most smartphones and can be listened to on phones or the web. Most kids prefer their dad's voice to a status update or tweet, so this could give you a chance to update your family on what you're up to if you keep playing phone tag. Don't forget the most important part: sign up for the service and tell your family how to find your boos!

These three ideas will be quick (3 minutes or less) and relatively easy (with a little savvy or coaching), but they will buy a dad on the move going from Denton to Fort Worth (or San Francisco) a ton of love and affection for remembering his family.