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Three easy ways for Denton area dads to honor moms on Mothers' Day


Sunday, May 9, is Mother's Day in Denton and the rest of the free world.  Dads, if you want anything good for Father's Day (iPhone 4.0 maybe?), you've got to remember Mother's Day and honor the mother of your children.  Below are three ways to begin showing her how special she is.

  1. Show and Tell-Show your children's mother that she is special by first telling her that you love her, and then showing her.  Some ideas might be to leave notes around the house for her, give her a couple of hours to herself, or by doing the thing that makes her feel most loved.  (This could be something like doing dishes, and if you don't know, ask her!)
  2. Honor your mother-Your children's mother wants to know that you'll honor and respect her when she is older, so she needs to see you taking care of your own mother.  If your mother lives in the Denton area, why not take the family over for a visit or spend the day doing something your mom loves.  (Again, if you don't know, ask her!)
  3. Do the dishes-While you might do the dishes as a one-time special treat, wouldn't it be more fun to take your wife to a special dinner where someone else does the dishes?  Several places in the Denton/Dallas area are offering free items or free meals to mothers this weekend:  Texas de Brazil (free meal for e-club members), Medieval Times (free meal), and Cold Stone Creamery (free ice cream at participating locations) are a few.

Remember the list above is how to begin to show your children's mother (or your own) that you love her. As all fathers know, love is a marathon and not a sprint, so take a few steps this Mothers' Day, but don't forget to save a little energy for later in the race. 

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