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Three easy updos that look difficult

Celebrities have, of course, a team of professionals who do their hair and makeup for virtually every event at which they'll be photographed. And each one wants their look to be beautiful and unique. But there are only so many styles that can be done with hair before one gets out into the "weird" zone, which is why sometimes it seems like everything looks the same.

Anna Faris's low-set bun is simple and quick.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The biggest problem with checking out celeb styles is that they often appear to be complicated and difficult, like you couldn't do them at home by yourself. Most of the time, this just isn't true. Here are three very easy- and commonly seen- updos that are quite simple and take very little time to complete.

First off is the bun. The bun, obviously, is one of the simplest things you can do with hair. So how do professional hairstylists and celebs get away with it so much? Well, first is placement. You can create an entirely new look simply by placing the bun either high on the head or low at the nape of the neck, and centered or to the side. That may sound like a dumb way to explain a star's hairstyle, but it's 100% true. Another key is texture- is the hair in the bun left curly and/or loose, with pieces flying out? Or is it pulled tightly back into a slick bun with every hair in place. All of these give diversity to a look and are easy to achieve on your own. The most popular bun placements right now are at the crown and at the nape of the neck. The crown is popular centered right now, and the nape can work both centered or to the side. Both slicked and wavy/loose are popular and seen on the red carpet and runways.

The second look is all about the braid. There are so many braided styles that can be achieved easily, including styles in which only some of the hair is parted off and braided and the rest is not. This style is all about texture and volume placement, which gets into complicated hairstylist stuff. Just know that whether you are doing two braids at the side of the head, pulling braids over the top and pinning, or you are using a braid to encircle a bun, braids and braided styles are everywhere right now, and most are very quick and easy to complete.

Third and finally, twisting hair. Twisted styles resemble braided styles, but the hair is twisted around itself rather than braided. This simply creates a different look and gives a unique texture to the style. Again, large or small, loose or slick, twists can add a focal point to the style, add volume to an area, or simply give a different appearance to a style you've done before.

Check out the slideshow to see celebrity photos with these three styles, as well as a few more tips to achieve them!

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