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Three Douglas County women provide one-stop-shop for whole health services

Devri Velasquez, Tonya Bruso, and Audrey Beckman started Healthy-U Network.
Devri Velasquez, Tonya Bruso, and Audrey Beckman started Healthy-U Network.
Healthy-U Network

We all know what we are supposed to do - exercise and eat right. That's easier said than done for most of us. Three Douglas County women - Devri Velasquez, Audrey Beckman, and Tonya Bruso - recognize this dilemma and have boldly started a company out of Parker that is designed to make it easier to accomplish our fitness and nutrition goals without disrupting our daily lives. Introducing Healthy-U Network...

Founded in 2009, Healthy-U Network is not a gimic or diet, but rather it is designed to provide customers with "one-stop-shop" health consulting services, complete with personal training, nutrition and food preparation consulting, and boot camp-style classes. With a highly trained, professional staff of instructors, Healthy-U Network helps develop personalized fitness, nutrition and eating plans that fit individualized lifestyles.

Healthy-U Network's goal is to provide a comprehensive health experience that can be balanced with day-to-day living. This is accomplished through the teaching of nutrition, meal planning, cooking instruction, and personal training. Healthy-U Network provides clients with innovative fitness trends, bootcamps, nutritional guidance and personal chef and cooking courses, as well as health information that will last a lifetime. With the increase of cardiovascular diseases and an abnormally overweight society, Healthy-U Network believes it is important to make health and wellness fit into our everyday lifestyles.

Healthy-U Network is set up in a private/semi-private personal training setting with small group classes available. The Network is also able to do corporate wellness sessions on-site, and they keep it personal and/or in small groups so they can dedicate time to their clients and ensure effectiveness. Healthy-U Network clients never have to wait for the individual attention of their trainer in a large class setting, as they do in larger fitness clubs.

Healthy-U Network offers several packages, including a Personal One-on-One Training & Nutrition Package, Group Training & Nutrition Package, Power Boot Camp & Nutrition Package, and Corporate Wellness Packages.

The Healthy-U Network team consists of three individuals with distinct expertise: Devri Velasquez - Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer, Audrey Beckman - Chef & Food Preparation, and Tonya Bruso - Registered Nurse & Nutrition Consultant. For more information or to contact the Healthy-U Network, visit

More About Healthy-U Network

Healthy-U Network's personal training services include a fitness program that caters to the individual's fitness level and goals. They work on balance/core, strength, and toning or building muscles. They believe individual's need to take care of themselves so they can better take care of those in their lives. Healthy-U Network gives individuals the tools to help with everyday choices. They complement this fitness program with a nutritional food program.

The nutritional strategy of the Healthy-U Network places focus on healthy eating by creating meal plans tailored to individual's specific needs. After planning customized menus, they help individuals work those plans into their day-to-day living. One-on-one cooking lessons help create a delicious dining experience in the comfort of one's own home, regardless of age or current cooking ability. Group lessons and private chef services are also available.

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