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Three dogs perish inside of parked car in California

sole survivor
sole survivor
Screen shot via CBS Sacramento

According to Friday's CBS Sacramento News, three dogs who were locked inside of a parked car in Sacramento, Calif., perished and one dog is fighting to survive.

The four dogs had been left inside of an SUV which was parked at the Sierra Fair apartments on Fair Oaks Boulevard on Thursday afternoon - a passerby discovered them and phoned the police, but the hot interior had already taken its deadly toll on three of the dogs. When a sheriff's deputy arrived, only one two-year-old pit bull was still alive.

After breaking into the SUV to free the surviving dog, 34-year-old Trevor Courtney was cited on animal endangerment charges; he is accused of leaving the four dogs inside of the parked car for approximately two hours.

The lone survivor was rushed to a veterinarian to receive treatment for heat exhaustion - the hours of extreme heat took a toll and her condition is listed as "guarded." Sacramento County animal control director Dave Dickinson said:

Right now we don’t know what the ultimate outcome will be,”

It is still in a guarded condition. It can take two or three days for the effect of heat exhaustion to take its toll on on an animal.”

Courtney had left the vehicle's windows open approximately one inch, which is completely inadequate to provide necessary cooling to the interior of a parked car. The interior temperature in a parked vehicle can climb to a deadly level in a short period of time - dogs should never be left unattended in vehicles on even moderately warm days.

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