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Three Days Remain for Rift's Temporal Flux Event!

Rift's Black Walker Mech Mount
Rift's Black Walker Mech Mount
Trion Worlds, Inc.

In case you missed the weekend Carnival Celebration offering 50% bonus XP all weekend long, you can still jump in game for your chance to earn daily rewards from quest givers in Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay.

Get your Temporal Gears and use this event currency to purchase special items from Mari, the Planar Research Institute's Quartermaster.

Don't forget players will also be able to earn the following achievements “To the Strongest” and “I'm All Gears” rewarding them with a Temporal Flux Vault which in addition to extra loot, has a chance to include the new featured mech mount: the Black Walker.

For those ho don't feel they have the time to do dailies and have some coins to spare, both Temporal Flux Vaults and Mechanized Temporal Vaults will be available for credits on the Rift Store until the end of the event!