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If you could read DNA perfectly, you could have seen this face at Conception
by VFL

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 25th 2014, The Supreme Court will take up the Hobby Lobby case. Two Days later Obama and Pope Frances will meet and see if they can come to an understanding. The outcome of these two events could decide much of the future of the USA.

If the Supreme Court decides that a person must directly or indirectly provide abortive services to employees, America will suddenly be different. If government can force an individuals directly or through their businesses to violate their conscience to please someone else’s belief which it will have encoded in law; it could become a Pandora’s Box of tyranny, unheard of since the middle ages. Once government decides what you must do unnecessarily (people could buy their own contraceptives) potentially there is no end. Of course a business owner who refuses to violate their conscience will instantly become a criminal and will be subject to fines, lawsuits or imprisonment. These things have happened to business owners already. Some businesses could no longer survive the fines or lawsuits. Many Christians will recognize this as fulfillment of prophecy; a way to stop those Christians from buying and selling, unless they comply. Would you still be free under those conditions?

By the way, why are people so upset about 15,000 fetuses being used for fuel in the UK to heat a medical facility? Once you say the unborn are not human and worthy of being killed for convenience; burning what is left is a rather small matter in the mind of those that accept the first condition as being correct.

You may not know this but Obama and the Pope understands that there are some 200 million professing Christians in America nearly half of them are Catholics. It now takes less that 70 million to elect a president. Catholics, as a whole, normally vote for democrats. If Obama pushes the Catholics and Protestants into each other’s arms, democrats could be in the tank for the long haul. This also could be very profound because Pope Frances, last time I heard has about an 80% approval rating among the Catholic faithful. On the other hand, if he makes reconciliation with the Catholic Church, there is some common ground in redistribution of wealth that the church has stood for, many years.

These things are very profound events people. Why is it that I personally hear no main stream outlets talking about this? I literally have heard no one talking about this but me. Maybe I need to read more but I find that disconcerting. Am I just guessing? No. There is Bible prophecy and there is Cardinal Dolan; who has indicated that the church could have been Barack Obama’s best ally for Obamacare. So, watch these events; they could be key happenings in our future.


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