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Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, & Flyleaf concert at the Heartland Event Center

Heartland Events Center

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Heartland Events Center, located in Grand Island, NE, has a nice setup for hosting concerts. Even though this arena has a capacity of only 7,500 (1,500 floor/6,000 seats), there has been some rather "big" names in the music industry that have already performed here. This arena has hosted concerts by Korn, Staind, Buckcherry and more...

Heartland Events Center has list of concert guidelines posted inside each entrance. One of the items that were on this list was no crowd surfing.


Flyleaf did a pretty good job opening the show Tuesday night. Lacey Mosley (lead singer) looked beautiful in her red gown that she wore that evening. Even though she never seemed to be in a spotlight it was hard to take your eyes off of her.

It was obvious that Lacey was singing her heart out and performing amazingly, however, there were some technical difficulties during this concert. Something went wrong with the mic Lacey used and she was hard to hear over the rest of the band.

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin once again put on an awesome show at the Heartland Event Center. The band had once before performed there with Soil, Evan's Blue, and Staind.

Breaking Benjamin played a couple songs from each of their albums, but mainly played songs off of their newest album "Dear Agony". They also played "Blow Me Away" which is the song that the band wrote for the Xbox video game Halo 2 soundtrack. During this song the band had scenes from the video game flashing behind them.

 Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace was the closing act of the evening and did a fantastic job at that! Singing mostly the songs off of their newest album "Life Starts Now", the band still played some of their older hits.
It was clear to see that the majority of the people there had shown up to see Three Days Grace. When they took the stage the arena was packed.

Toward the middle of the concert, Adam Grontier (lead singer) stopped to ask the crowd what they would like to hear. When most fans started yelling "Riot", "Riot"....Adam said, "I'm sorry but we're not going to be able to play Riot here tonight....just kidding." Then the band busted into the song Riot and the crowd almost did just that.

After performing probably their most famous song "Riot", the band went off stage leaving only Neil Sanderson with his rotating drum set. Neil gave the audience a mind melting drum solo/light show that seemed to go on forever. Some probably would tell you that this was the highlight of the evening.

When Three Days Grace was getting ready to close their show, lead singer Adam made everyone aware that it was going to be their last song. He also noted that since it was their last song, it didn't really matter if you got kicked out for crowd surfing. So while they closed a number of teens were crowd surfing their way to the front of the crowd. When they got to the front security would help them to the ground and send them to the back of the do it again?


With the three of these bands being so closely related in music types this rock concert was a great success. If you were there you know this and if not, try to catch the next one.