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Three-Day Scoop Fest at Baskin-Robbins!

Starting today, you can get $1 scoops of ice cream at any participating Baskin-Robbins store, such as the West Hartford and Glastonbury outlets. Single, double, or triple scoops in a cone or cup - sundaes and other specialty items not included. Any flavour is included, including this month's Feature Flavor, "Amazing Spider-Man 2(TM)", which is a red-and-blue vanilla-flavoured scoop with dark chocolate "webbing" swirled through and popping candy bits.

You can also enter the Amazing Scoop Fest Contest, which offers daily winners of posters or DVDs, plus three Grand Prize winners who get all the prizes plus a year of free ice cream. To enter, take a picture at the store with your scoops, doing your best Spider-Man imitation. Post the picture to Twitter or Instagram with the tag #BRHero - samples are at the information page.

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