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Three characters shown off in Smash Bros. stream

The Super Smash Bros. stream this morning unveiled the three newest additions to the game's roster as it revealed two newcomers and a veteran.

Lucina and Robin will both be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title
Super Smash Bros. Website

Captain Falcon was shown off alongside the two newcomers as the returning veteran. He has been in every Smash Bros. game since the original so his reveal was not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when." While his inclusion was inevitable, it certainly excited fans to see his patented Falcon Punch again.

As for the newcomers, two of the stars of Fire Emblem: Awakening were shown to be playable characters. While many had speculated that it would be Chrom, the game's main character, that would be playable, we were actually thrown for quite a twist.

The first character revealed was Lucina, a swordsman who is the daughter of Chrom as well as an impersonator of the legendary hero Marth. The interesting thing about Lucina is that unlike all the other newcomers thus far, her profile on the Smash Bros. website is set up as if she was a returning veteran.

While this is only speculation, it appears that this would be done because Lucina might just be a clone of Marth. They both have incredibly similar structures and styles, and as such it seems safe to assume that she will have his move-set. Many people are usually against clone characters, but in reality it's never a bad thing to have more choices.

Now as for the official newcomer, we were given Robin. Robin is the tactician and avatar character in Awakening and as such he, or she, is one of the most important characters in the game. His move-set is completely original and seems centered around his magical tomes which send out various elemental attacks.

Robin can be either a male or female playable character, much like the Villager from Animal Crossing and Wii Fit Trainer. Both characters are the same however, they just have different aesthetics.

But with all that said, one question remained as the trailer came to a close: What about Chrom? It passed the point of speculation and became an inevitability that Chrom would be a playable character. Now however it appears he will just be apart of Robin's Final Smash. While that wasn't confirmed in the video, it sure did seem that way.

Fire Emblem: Awakening was a massive hit and quickly became one of the most popular games in the series. Having both Robin and Lucina is certainly a great thing for fans of Fire Emblem and hopefully their inclusion will get more people to play the strategy series.

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