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Three car crash near Keystone and Kings Row in Reno

According to KTVN Channel 2's website, the three vehicles involved were a Suzuki two-door hatchback, a Jeep SUV and a Jaguar four-door sedan just before 6:30pm tonight.

In the photo, it looks like an early to mid-2000s Jeep Grand Cherokee. From the angle of the picture, it looks like the primary damage is to the driver's side. It's hard to see, but the headlight and the bumper have some damage.

The sad part about all this is that one woman had an existing medical condition and that she died after the accident. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, make sure to be an example for other drivers. For instance, if you feel like you have to pass a slow vehicle and you are in a hurry, it is better if you give the driver some extra time.

Do not take for granted that you will get from one point to another in a set period of time. There will always be a traffic signal that may malfunction or an unexpected traffic delay due to an accident or construction. Keep an eye out for dips, holes and ruts in the pavement and debris on the road, your vehicle could sustain a lot of damage if you don't find the right ways to get around these hazards or avoid them. Watch for bicyclists and pedestrians and give them space. Plan to take alternate streets or routes to get to your destination.

In addition, do not forget to give your vehicles a tune-up, and get your transmission, air conditioning and other major mechanical parts serviced. Otherwise you will suffer hundreds of dollars in repair costs later on when you don't expect a problem to occur. Make sure you have good tires and emergency tools in case you have unanticipated circumstances.

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