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Three Best Exercises For Stress Relief

Whether it stems from our jobs, personal life, incompetent drivers, or the soaring gas prices stress seems to be all around us, bombarding us with an over load that has us over worked, cranky, and restless. The effects of prolonged stress on the human body can be devastating to our health. Prolonged stress can lead to other health issues such as migraines, muscle aches, insomnia, digestive problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, asthma, and heart disease and a wide range of other health problems. Learning to effectively manage stress and adding regular exercise to your routine is one valuable way to manage everyday stress and boost endorphins. If you’re not the gym type or if you’re not in the best shape currently, here are three of the best exercises for stress relief than can be done by just about any one at any fitness level. Of course, before beginning any new exercise program you may want to ensure that your health care provider has cleared you for exercise if you have any recent injuries or health care concerns.

Tai Chi:
Tai Chi is an ancient martial art form. This Chinese art has been practiced for centuries and is a perfect exercise for stress relief. Tai Chi uses very fluid and graceful movements that are slow and precise, intended to focus the mind and strengthen the body. It can be done just about anywhere by people of all ages and is fairly simple to learn. People who practice Tai Chi experience a better sense of balance, over all improvement in health, sleep better, and feel a senseof clarity and improved mental focus, alongside the stress relief.

Pilates was originally developed as a method of rehabilitation for injured dancers and soldiers. Incorporating simple moves similar to yoga in parts, pilates stretches and lengthens the muscles, improves core strength and stability (the torso), and is also very calming and soothing which makes it a great choice for stress relief. But stress relief is not the only benefit of pilates; you also get a stronger spine, better posture, more graceful muscle tone, and stronger abs. Because a large portion of pilates can be done as a mat work out, it is great for people with special needs who have a more difficult time with traditional exercise.

Water Aerobics:
If you would like something to get your heart beat going and improve your over all tone and health, along with giving you stress relief, water aerobics is another great choice. Unlike traditional aerobic classes, being in the water lessens the impact of the movements on your joints, legs, and spine. Being in the water makes your motions effortless, yet the resistance of the water provides a better, stronger work out. The calming sensation of being in the water offers great stress relief and gives you a wonderful work out for your muscles, weight loss, and cardio along with the stress relief.

Whichever routine you choose, even if it’s some combination of the three, you will find great stress relief from starting a regular routine and the stress relief will only enhance the other great health benefits you will obtain. Adding regular dietary or nutritional supplements to your workout regimen can also increase it’s effectiveness. Check out for more details and reviews on popular pre and post workout supplements.

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