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Three bear cubs saved and now being cared for at the Oregon Zoo

Three black bear cubs are being cared for by officials at the Oregon Zoo since they were found abandoned by their mother. According to The Oregonian on Feb. 25, they were discovered last week during logging operations. It was thought that the mother was scared away by the workers which left the babies alone and in danger of not surviving.

Three bear cubs will grow up like this one in Texas.
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

The cubs are said to be about a month old. They are still quite wobbly as seen in the precious video posted. One of the cubs was trying to stand up on its own before falling over. All three are very playful already as sibling bears at this age usually are. Another one is seen snuggling up to a white stuffed teddy bear.

Weighing in at two to three pounds, the two sisters and one brother are being fed and loved by the zoo staff. When they are old enough to travel, they will have a permanent home at the Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary in Texas.

The Oregon Zoo has their hands full with another trio of orphaned animals. Last month, three cougar cubs were also brought to them after their mom was shot by a hunter. They will be ready to be transported to their new home very soon at the North Carolina Zoo.

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