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Three African American actors you probably didn't know were from Seattle

Did you know he was from Seattle?
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Without a doubt, Seattle is a hotbed of talent. In the world of arts, the Emerald City boasts of notable figures. These three African American actors are part of this bounty. You probably didn't know they were from Seattle although their efforts can be seen throughout the field of entertainment.

Blu Mankuma

Since the early eighties, Blue Mankuma has been a mainstay on TV. He's a prime example of how voice acting can be a hardworking thespian's bread and butter. His distinct vocals brought characters to life on children's shows such as 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' and 'League of Super Evil'. Blue Mankuma's resume also includes music, movies and more traditional television roles. Currently, he resides in Canada; a place he made home a few decades ago after leaving Seattle.

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Seattle was only a brief stop for Brian Stokes Mitchell. After being born, his father's job in the navy took him to various parts of America. Perhaps this journey along with his baritone voice is what earned him a spot as one of Broadway's most sought after leading men. Brian Stokes Mitchell's role in the musical 'Kiss Me, Kate' earned him a Tony. Since, he's continued to be part of stage productions. In addition, throughout his career as an actor, he's had roles on TV.

Anthony Pierre Christopher

R&B as well as pop stars often realize their greatness by singing in the church choir. This reality also applies to Anthony Pierre Christopher. After a vocal performance at church, a listener spoke to his family and recommended he be a placed in The Northwest School of Arts. There, he developed his raw skills leading to parts in commercials, music videos and TV. These days, Anthony Pierre Christopher is building up his credits via bit parts in popular series such as 'The Mentalist'.

Surprised? These three African American actors are probably high profiled people you didn't know hailed from Seattle. Yet, they all play a significant part in keeping you glued to the big and small screen.


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