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Threats from Russia and North Korea Raising US Tensions

Threats against the US are escalating by the two key nuclear allies Russia and North Korea, as Obama reaches out to help reassure Western allies, that the US has got their back.

As Obama kicks off the Asian tour today, April 23rd, he is being met with dangerous threats and resistance. His tour starts out with a visit to Japan in an effort to show support for their ownership of the disputed island chain, which created previous tensions between China and Japan. Obama plans to hold a news conference while in Japan and hopes to meet with South Korea in an attempt to foster a deeper bond between the two, creating security and trade among these nations.

North Korea, has been showing signs of hostility however, in preparation for Obama's visit. South Korea has warned President Obama that they have spotted an increase in nuclear activity just as the news came out about the Asian tour. This has put the White House on Edge and could cause the tour to be changed for security reasons. Obama may be forced to cut the tour short, leaving out South Korea if it is determined that visiting there would be too much of a threat. But there is a legitimate reason why these threats must be taken seriously.

Every time a nuclear test was done in the past in North Korea, nuclear activity would be ramped up just days before. That is exactly what is happening now, coincidentally at the same time of Obama's visit. The White House is watching North Korea carefully and taking every precaution. Their fear is that Kim Jong Un will attempt to test fire a missile on Friday, as a show of force, the same day Obama will be in South Korea. But North Korea is not the only nation showing aggression toward the US at this time. Russia is also making threats as the situation in the Ukraine continues to get worse.

After President Obama warned Putin to pull back his forces along the Eastern Ukraine border, Putin responded by telling the Ukraine to withdraw their forces against the pro Russian rebels. And it is becoming more and more clear that any kind of sanctions against Russia are not working, as they have no intention of pulling back troops. Recently Russia threatened the US and allies that there would be retaliation if their interests are attacked involving the Ukraine.

In response, Obama sent 600 US paratroopers into Poland to conduct training exercises with Polish troops. The US says the troops are there to guarantee security to NATO allies in the region and to give a clear message to Russia, that the US is ready and willing to defend its allies. These troops will be present in Poland at least until the end of the year. But that is not all the US is doing to help defend its allies in the region.

World war is beginning to build as US fighter jets are being set to various NATO nations in case a war with Russia escalates. On April 23rd, the same day that Paratroopers were sent to Poland, dozens of US fighter jets were also sent along with 300 personal. The US will send 175 troops to a Romanian base near the Black sea also in preparation for this military exercise. US fighter jets are being prepared for a departure to Egypt as well.

Jesus said in the Bible that in end days there will wars and rumors wars. Nations will rise against nations and Kingdoms against Kingdoms. We are living in those days now. There are signs in the sky that tell us that the tribulation hours is about to begin. You don't want to be left behind to see what it is all about. The Bible says it will be the most horrific time that there ever was since there was time. Jesus promised to save those who turn from their sins in repentance. Ask Jesus into your heart and to forgive you of your sins so that you also may be saved from the tribulation hour. It will be a time of nuclear war. Time is running out so let Jesus save you from that which is to come, ask him into your heart today.

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