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Threatening alert against viscous lidocaine

Dangerous infant painkiller
Dangerous infant painkiller

Many people have children that are teething or have already been through those rough, painful, sleepless nights and there's nothing worse than an infant or toddler who can't explain their pain or what's the matter with them.

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration is on an important mission to advise parents against the entrust of lidocaine as a painkiller for our little ones who are enduring tremendous pain. The reason being due to the possibility of causing death and serious injuries in infants and toddlers.

FDA announced that the agency will now obligate a boxed warning on the label for prescription oral viscous lidocaine 2% solution, as a precaution and warning that this particular product should not be used as a painkiller. Let's take a stand for our children's health and research this a little further.

Many of us recognize viscous lidocaine to be used for mouth or throat ulcers such as those caused by chemotherapy or to reduce children's gag reflex during dental procedures.

FDA gave a statement which asserts that when viscous lidocaine is given to infants and toddlers often, they are more inclined to swallowing an exorbitant quantity of it, which can generally lead to seizures, severe brain injury and problems concerning the heart. The statement also stated that overdoses and accidentally swallowing have put infants and toddlers in emergency rooms leading to hospitalizations and even possibly dying. Reports have been reviewed and indicates that in the year 2014 alone, there have been 22 incidents of serious reactions in children 5 months to 3 and 1/2 years old.