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Thousands support Bunch O Balloons, device that fills 100 water balloons at once

Everyone knows there are so many occasions when a person could need 100 water balloons, filled up, tied and ready for action. All of them are when you’re about to have a water balloon fight and pranking your brother/sister/friend/neighbor.

One well-supported KickStarter wants to make easily accessible water balloons a reality for everyone willing to pitch in $15. Tinnus Enterprises, LLC, based out of Plano, Texas filed for a patent on their balloon technology, called Bunch O Balloons, back in May of this year. The KickStarter began on July 22 and will go until Aug. 21. As of July 24, their goal of $10,000 has been straight blown out of the water (HA!).

With only 4,358 (and growing) supporters, Bunch O Baloons has an impressive $147,181 dedicated to their cause already. Considering they’ve only been in the crowd-funding game for two days, we can expect they’ll surpass their goal 50 times over, if not more.

So what’s the product that’s got 4,000 people parting with their hard-earned money? It is a lime green device that hooks up to a garden hose and will fill 100 water balloons at once. Within one minute, the KickStarter page say the balloons will all be filled and with the ease of one shake, the balloons with be all tied and ready to serve as the perfect ammunition.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the process of water balloon play knows that normally this filling process can take an incredible amount of time and will often involve roping in an adult when the child is bored of filling or cannot tie the balloons, which can end in a tantrum or general pouts.

In the name of self-sufficient children and the avoidance of extreme emotions, this sounds like a great idea! However, there are a few drawbacks. You have one choice of balloon color. Should it really be a war, there should be multiple colors for each side. They are on the small side, and though we’ve seen the device in action in the promo video, we have no idea how well these balloons pop. Using unpoppable balloons is frustrating for the thrower as well as the target.

Next, sustainability is a bit of a question, as these devices are one-offs. Once you’ve filled those hundred balloons, there’s no refilling. You’ll need a brand new $15 device for your next 100 balloons. Sure, that’s $15 for 100 balloons, but when they’re ready that easy, you can bet the kids will mow through them with just as much ease. When you spent an hour filling the balloons, you treated them like precious grenades that had to be lobbed at the perfect time and place. This could easily become an expensive purchase once you get going.

What do you think? Is the convenience worth it?

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