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Thousands of ineligible votes found in the wake of Mississippi run off election

State Sen. Chris McDaniel contesting the Mississippi run off election
State Sen. Chris McDaniel contesting the Mississippi run off election
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Thousands of Democrats voted in the Democratic primary in Mississippi on June 3, and then voted again in the June 24 GOP primary runoff, as reported Tuesday by Matthew Boyle at Breitbart.

Challenger State Sen. Chris McDaniel has refused to concede in the run-off election, as he claimed that there must be certainty that "the Republican primary was won by Republican voters," as reported at the Washington Post. In an aggressive marketing strategy, Thad Cochran's campaign and establishment Republican supporters actively sought out the black Democrat vote.

The efforts involved the recruitment of black pastors to convince their congregations to "crossover" and vote Republican in the effort to defeat McDaniel, an offensive radio campaign which falsely claimed that the Tea Party was racist and trying to take away "all" government services, repugnant flyers that claimed the Tea Party "intends to prevent blacks from voting," and even a robocall, which said in part that "[I]f we do nothing, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama." The "outreach" program even allegedly included a cash for voting scheme, which Cochran spokesman Jordan Russell denied.

Boyle reported,

"With more than half of the state’s counties—and many of the state’s African American-majority counties, where many of the ineligible crossover votes are suspected to have occurred—still uncounted, McDaniel’s team told Breitbart News he has at least 3,300 ineligible votes counted."

Considering that Cochran beat McDaniel by "just under 6,700 votes," it seems that Chris McDaniel was right in challenging the results.

The voter integrity group, True the Vote, has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Mississippi Secretary of State and the Republican Party of Mississippi, requesting "immediate access to voting records to inspect for possible illegal voting."

Without the efforts of journalists Charles C. Johnson of and Matthew Boyle of Breitbart, the slimy tactics used by the establishment Republicans would never have surfaced. Mississippians, as well as all Americans, should expect that their votes are not sacrificed for an incumbent's political ambitions.

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