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Thousands of carolers sing to terminally ill girl, grant 8-year-old’s last wish

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Thousands of carolers sang to a terminally ill girl who was told this week by doctors that she has only a few days left to live. The video of thousands of carolers surrounding the eight-year-old terminally ill girl’s home with Christmas carols and her parents' words are a reminder what this season is all about, “peace, love, and hope.” According to a Dec. 21, 2013, Associated Press news report, one of the eight-year-old girl's last wishes was for a huge holiday sing-along outside her West Reading home in Pennsylvania.

The words “peace, love, and hope” are the words that accompany the Facebook pictures of a beautiful eight-year-old girl with a smile on her face and bright shiny eyes – Delaney "Laney" Brown.

Delaney Brown’s Facebook description tells the story of a little girl that was diagnosed only eight months ago with a rare form of leukemia:

“This community has been created to show support and offer prayers for Jennifer & Jeremiah Brown and there family, as their daughter fights Leukemia. Delaney Brown is a 7 year old vibrant young lady with a smile that will melt your heart and change your life forever. She, like so many other children has had the unfortunate cancer card dealt to her. In May 2013 she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with monosomy 7, making her quite rare. About 10 children a year nationally get diagnosed with this form of Cancer. She has completed 5 rounds and radiation and on September 19th received her stem cell transplant. We won’t know if the stem cell engrafts for 30 days. Prior to her cancer she was a normal kid, spent as much time as possible at the pool or in the ocean. She also loved to dance in ballet. She loves animal prints, hot pink, and she has a special eye for fashion! We created this page as a support system and information resource for friends and family wanting to know her progress. Her page has become an amazing support community made up of friends, family, and stranger all rooting for one special girl. If you follow Laney’s page you will see a roller coaster of emotion, and witness first hand faith in the eyes of a child. She has taught us that in order to really experience faith we have to F.R.O.G (fully rely on God) because he is the ultimate healer! We hope you will find some inspiration in the beautiful smile of Laney. And we thank everyone for the constant love support and prayers! Team Laney”

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, Delaney’s parents wrote in a “Laney Update” the news that their little girl had only days to live:

“Today we were told the worst news of our lives. Laney has 70% cancer cells in her blood. If they would treat the cancer the virus that she has would kill her. And if they treat the virus the cancer will kill her. They gave her a couple days to a couple weeks to live.

My heart is breaking. I sit here looking at her face trying to remember every contour of it, I breath deeply against her skin trying to always remember her smell. Every time she speaks I try to listen for the different way she says certain words so that I never forget. I keep putting my lips against her warm skin because I never want to forget how that feels. I'm devastated and I'm hoping that I will wake up from this nightmare.

We told Laney and she said she wanted to be the one to tell Kylee and Jacob. She told Jacob that when she's gone he is to be a good big brother to Kylee. And she thanked Kylee for being a great sister and her best friend. They all cried in each other's arms. I have never felt this type of pain in my life.

We will be taking her home on hospice tomorrow and will be trying to let her have as much fun as she can handle. We will watch her blow out her eighth birthday candels knowing that she won't have a ninth. We will also ask Santa to come early this year because Laney has been such a good girl. Please pray for Laney and our family. Please pray for a miracle. We will be spending every second with her till God decides he needs another beautiful angel up in heaven.”

On Thursday, Delaney and her family left the hospital to celebrate Christmas and the little girl’s final birthday on Friday – she turned eight years old.

“We left the hospital and went to cut down our Christmas tree at Beck's Tree Farm just like we do every year. They donated to Laney any tree she saw fit. She of course went for a big one which may require a good trim to fit in the house. Kubota donated a heated bobcat for Laney to drive around to find the perfect tree. She really thought that was cool. Her face lit up when we got home and seen our house was a winter wonderland. She is in awe of how beautiful the inside the house is decorated as well. Her hospital bed is surrounded with trees, ribbons, lights, and beautifully wrapped presents. It has been over a week since I have seen this much life in Laney. She has brightened up so much and that let me know we made the right choice bringing her home. She is so happy. Before we left the hospital Laney decided to give me her Christmas gift that she picked out just for me. It was a bracelet that says mom on it. It killed me knowing that this was the last Christmas I would look at a present and see ‘To: Mom From: Delaney’. She put it on my wrist as I cried uncontrollably. I asked God once again for a miracle. To give us as much time as we can with our beautiful baby. Please continue to pray for a miracle. Thank you again for all the love and support it truly is amazing the outpouring of love we have received. Our focus is fun and creating memories. This is not a time of grief but a time of celebrating life.”

On Saturday, thousands of people helped create one of the most memorable memories for Delaney's family and fulfill one of the little girl's last wishes -- a huge holiday sing-along outside her West Reading home.

Over 8,000 people, some of whom had never met little Delaney Brown, sang Christmas carols surrounding her home and the little girl could hear them, giving them two thumbs up.” I can hear you now!!! Love you!”

Following the incredible event of thousands of carolers singing to his terminally ill girl, Delaney Brown’s father wrote the following words on Facebook:

“I would like to share something that has been burning in my heart ever since we got our terrible prognosis earlier this week. I feel so helpless, so useless when all I wanna do is just save my child from such an undeserving fate as what has been laid in front of her. And in my pleading to god for a miracle I feel a slight understanding to what it must have felt like when another father had to watch as his only son was tortured, humiliated, and murdered right before his eyes. I think of my own suffering these last months knowing that there was a chance for a grim fate and it has been hard to want to think about and easier to just block it out and say my little girl is too sweet and kind to suffer that fate. But there are some huge differences between me and the father in which I speak. This season is meant to be in honor of a beautiful gift born one glorious night. But maybe we don't always see the big picture. That night that father gave his son to us. Willingly and for 30 some odd years he watched him grow to make his father so proud all the while knowing what was to come. Many a night I have cried worrying about my daughters fate. But for over thirty year the father knew his sons fate. How hard that must have been for him. But the biggest difference is that he could have stopped all of it in a blink of an eye. He never had to see his son suffer not one bit. But he chose to and why? Because he loves us all of us. Not just for the wonderful little angels out there but the guy who shoved the spear into his side, for the one who whipped his son brutally, and for the one who drove the nails into his hands and feet. And for the ones who mocked him and crowned his son with thorns. Death was never part of gods plan for this world he never intended any one of us to suffer. But when we sinned he planned with his son to give an offering. An offering of his own son to save the lost sinners. 'so whosoever believes in me shall have everlasting life.' Tonight over 8000 people rallied in support of a little girl they hardly know. This display of love and compassion is why god allowed his son to die. That love is why Jesus died on that cross for us. Because he know what great love each one of us is capable of. And he wants all that love with him. When I see my child suffering and I can no longer hold back my tears that sweat little girl opens her eyes and touches me with those little hands and reassures me everything is going to be ok. That love and faith is why he did it and I know he understands my pain and my prayer to him is for the faith of this little girl lying before me. I thank you all for showing me and my family your love and support during this difficult holiday season but please rejoice in the hope that one little baby gave all of us when he was given to save. Please send us your prayers for faith and strength. Thank god everyday for all that he has blessed each one of us with. Our children are the best part of ourselves and we are all gods children whom he clearly loves. And when u feel all alone like know one could understand, know that he does and we are never alone for he is always there.”



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