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Thoughts on the inner road

Thoughts on the inner road

Since I was very young, the adversity I personally felt in being pulled to believe outside of myself in following a spiritual path has created a personal resistance to becoming aligned to an outside source of religious belief rather than an inner source of faith. Each spiritual leader in our country seems to gain attainment and being validated in the persuasion of creating a following either lightly or in doctrine to a belief of their journey as being the way to finding the peace within. The core of who I am sees each as being a unique creation of their own design without limitations or faults in personal choices of belief with all leading to the mountain top and all ultimately finding that path through personal introspection and reflection in being non-judgmental of another path of belief.

Through this course of belief I have learned of the paths of others in depth from the being of who they are rather than from reading of what they believe and the understanding of the heart of the believer from many paths across the world, their choice of belief becomes a personal soul expertise which can not be simplified or adjusted to the masses in fulfilling a sense of attainment reached from being followers, rather leaders of personal journey’s. My personal mission statement is not to have another follow my journey – rather ignite something inside of who they are to assist on a personal journey of the soul. This world even in the darkest of recent times has moved swiftly unto finding personal balance and being centered in the self of who you are and choosing to live exposed or unexposed in the process of life. My grandmother was a Nazarene for all of what I know of her life, yet the bible she carried and recorded her deepest sentiments in was Gnostic. If any awareness was known of the origin of her bible via ministers and friends in life it was not mentioned, her journey was religious yet personal in her quest of life experience. We see the outward of others many times without choosing or bothering to see the inner, type casting and judging according to the spoken without hearing or listening to the inner heights of others in acceptance and the beauty of learning who they are. A friend of mine through work now weeks ago found out what I did professionally in IT for many years by chance and said he never would have thought I had found a mesh between the two, then taking that thought and teaching a class in his employment field – which just happened to be my previous field in challenging his classes to not judge characteristics of what you see and do not know of others and see each as the more of who they are. If this same message was applied to life across all sectors our world would find a new peace beginning in accepting and allowing each to be seen in new values to each other.

Our past history has shown many times races and cultures of people being judged on a basis of negative thought or actions of a few being applied to all. Our media chooses to devote the time and interest in uncovering the bad news front and center and generalizing the impression among all who fall into that classification, country, culture or choice of belief. Judgment is news where compassion and understanding less the judgment become secondary interest in highlighting. The good news is this same judgmental processing creates inner reactions more positive than negative in introspection and reflection as the heart considers the headlines and processes the compassion received and given as a result. Our president stated recently efforts taken to economic recovery in the USA at this time have not been working, recent elections became the validation for his thinking as two years of trying to prop banks and business before people back to recovery seemed to fail in the process. At times politics and spiritual living walk the same circle in different forms. Religions will prop and provide for their ministries and higher gains through the following of members in acceptance of the same goals as tools of solidarity in a process that cycles around members rather than pulling the inner energy of the members into a one source of health in reaching the goals eventually creating the desired pot of gold only to find out it is only gold plated and empty in the core. The golden core depleted as giving without receiving an inner substance of replenishment. What really differs in a spiritual movement and finding the inner is the process of having the strength to recreate your gold from within and relying on that same source without the intermediary of being the follower and becoming the leader of your experience of mortality. Investing and listening to the heart and soul desires whether religiously or politically creates the desired changes which are sought. Taking the time and giving the attention of asking what another has received and given rather than making a blanket assumption we know what has been received or given by another in a moment of their day. Talking to the heart as well as the head is where emotions and feelings are both realized in a single process of understanding. It is impossible to give a piece of yourself without receiving a piece of another with the only choice being the intent in doing so for personal gain or accepting the gain will be realized in divine timing, with the trust and faith we are one and only separated in judgment if we allow ourselves to be. Challenge yourself today to give without known gain to another person and be open to receiving in faith that the source of your energy has already designed your return from within rather than outside of what is seen available. As we move into a time of Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice and Christmas give from the heart rather than outstretching a hand for a return which can only be realized from the level of intent with your focus being your power of change in your life and those you come in contact with today and each day of your life. How we choose to change our self is how the world will be changed, take the challenge!