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Thoughts on the Celtics

A lot has happened in the world of the Boston Celtics since I last penned one of my Pulitzer Prize Award winning articles. Here are some thoughts on the recent comings and goings.

Evan Turner signing

The signing of Turner is a low risk option for a team that is very guard heavy. Turner, though, can play the small forward if called upon. The second overall pick in the 2010 draft, Turner was averaging 17 points per game before being dealt to Indiana near the deadline last season. If a player like Jeff Green is dealt, expect Turner to up his scoring and to be one of the leading scorers for the Celts this season.

Ice Bucket Challenge

This has nothing to do with the Celtics, but since Rajon Rondo took part in this, I might as well talk about it. Unless you’re like my dad or uncle and don’t have Facebook, you have noticed the recent trend of people dumping buckets filled with ice and water over their heads. The purpose is to bring awareness for ALS. Ok, I get that part. But when it’s hot as hell out, I feel like a bucket of ice over the head would be a pleasant experience. Put me in my birthday suit, in my driveway, in mid-February, dump a bucket of ice over my head, and now we are talking about a challenge. Let’s hope the people doing these “challenges” are actually donating money.

Who will be dealt first? Jeff Green or Brandon Bass?

Both Green and Bass would be great additions to a contending team’s roster. Green is owed about $9 million this year with a player option for $9,440,000 next season. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Green won’t pick up his option. With a strong season, Green could base his reasoning on some of the outrageous contracts given out to players not as valuable as Green, during this offseason. With the recent season-ending injury to the Pacers Paul George, expect Indiana to make a play for Green. Also, teams like Miami, the Lakers, and Rockets would all be nice fits for the Celtics’ leading scorer of last season.

Bass is owed $6,900,000 next year and could be moved for very little. It was reported that the C’s tried to deal Bass to the Warriors last month, until the deal fell through at the last minute. Bass would add some veteran leadership to any team’s bench.

The Paul George injury

Last week, during a Team USA inter-squad scrimmage, George tried to block James Harden’s fast break layup. George landed oddly, with his leg buckling as it hit the stanchion. The injury took the season away from one of the premier players in the NBA. But, it should not deter NBA players from representing their country in international play.

Freak injuries like that could happen anywhere. During the summer, plenty of NBA players play pickup games on a regular basis, where injuries like that could easily happen. But since George’s injury happened on the national stage, it is getting blown out of proportion.

Who will start at center next season?

As has been a trend since Kendrick Perkins left town, the Celts should start the year with a very small frontcourt. This begs the question as to who will start the season in the middle on opening night. My guess is that Jared Sullinger will continue to play out of position as the starting center, but a strong camp from new acquisition Tyler Zeller could move Sullinger to his natural power forward position, giving the C’s some much needed size.

No Love in Boston

With the pending trade of Kevin Love to the Cavs. The dream of seeing Love in green. It was probably a pipe dream to think he was coming here. Back to the drawing board for the Celts' brass.

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