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Thoughts on suicide

In today's society we have been under more stress than at any other time in history. Or are we more aware of the stress in our lives than at any other time in history? Whatever your answer, we do agree that stress in our lives seem to be unbearable at times. How should we respond to these times of stress? People respond to stress in many ways, some more extreme than others. What is the best way to handle stress? How should we respond to those who we see are under stress?

Bullying seems to have increased in the past few years. It also has picked up different avenues to annoy others, also. The internet, cell phones, and "religions" have become the new avenues of bullying. They start with targeting the weakest link in society to try to unnerve them to the point where they commit society. The bullies then pronounce themselves "king of the hill", so to speak. The target of these bullies are generally the children, teenagers, those who are spiritually weak, those who are politically weak, and those who are mentally and physically disabled. These bullies themselves are mentally weak, and lack confidence themselves. They inflate themselves to make themselves " look better in their own eyes", but not in the eyes of others. They are the main source of suicides today.

There are other people who are not bullied, but yet they are not confident in themselves to the point where they feel they are a part of society. They feel inadequate because they can't work, can't find employment, or they have a physical or mental disability so overwhelming they cannot or will not want to live. They lose the desire to live, or they lose the will to live. They feel they are a burden on society, and they feel guilty that they are burdening themselves on their family and friends, sadly they decide to take there own lives.

Soon school will be starting up again, students will be flocking down the hallways picking up where they left off the year before. A few will again go through the heartache of bullying, and sadly some may not live to finish the school year because of it. Others may decide to snuff themselves out because they don't like their appearance, considering themselves not as good looking as their classmates. They will bully themselves about their weight, their appearance, even their lack of friends. They will put so much pressure on themselves that they will commit suicide. And then there is that romance that either the parents disapprove of, or they broke up. When that romance is interfered with, they will decide they can't live without each other, or nobody can have the other, so they will create a pact to kill themselves; or they will do the murder-suicide option.

Suicide has so many roots, so many options, so many consequences. How could this epidemic be stopped? Education is one option, but I'm afraid that is not the sole cure. People have to be proactive about suicide. They should be educated to spot the signs of dangerous behavior, and know how to intervene. They should be able to develop a close relationship of friendship if they expect to gain the trust of the hurting party. Lay people are the first line of defense against suicide, they should be able to spot, deal, and guide a troubled soul. But most of all, the clergy should be the source to get the answers. Professional help has no clue about a personal solution to the calamity one has in their lives. Many times their solutions are worse than the problems.

One point to impress upon those who are considering suicide is this ( and this is very important): how will their suicide affect those who are left behind? Moms and dads are the main people that would be affected. Close friends will be a very close second. How will they think of you? Will they hate you for leaving? Will they still love you? Will they be able to get over the circumstances of your death? Will your suicide, and the circumstances surrounding it, erase forever any happy memories they have of you? How will society look at your family after you have committed suicide?

Whatever the life, age, circumstances, or problems, to approach suicide without prayer is useless. Our spiritual life determines how our physical life progresses. If we are spiritually connected to God, our lives should be in good hands. God only can save us, God only can help us overcome life's inadequacies, and God only can deliver us from the perils of life. Psychiatrist, psychologists, and secular counselors would just give you a band-aid until the next problem arises, but God can give you the healing if you just accept it. Suicide is never a permanent solution to life's problems. Suicide could be just the opposite, physically and spiritually.

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