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Thoughts on sacrifice

Jesus on the Cross John 3-16  (1)
Jesus on the Cross John 3-16 (1)
Photo Picasa/Josiah Durfee

Sacrifice is a word we don’t think about that often. The word can be scary, conjuring up thoughts of what will be taken from us. It can be very hard to give up things with which you’d rather not go without. Our Ego tells us we want it all and wonders why bring about a deliberate loss to yourself?

Sacrifice is not about loss, however. True sacrifice is a victory. It is a victory of Will and a victory of the mind. When asked to give up something you really love, great Will and determination to follow though will be called upon. Weakness can easily creep back inside you.

When you love someone or something great enough, the sacrifice becomes worth the effort. There may still be the pain of the loss or the struggle of the effort, but to accept this pain for the greater good of someone or something demonstrates the true value of that person or thing to you.

Stubbornly trying to hold on and being unwilling to make the needed sacrifice can leave you feeling shallow and out of touch with what is right for your life. At times like this, when fear grips you away from right action, look to discover what it is you are really holding onto. What perpetuates this condition? Then, let it go.

When you are called to sacrifice something important to you, be still. There is no reason for anxiety. What arises in our lives can come from conditions about which we can do nothing. By surrendering you display your courage and your wisdom. Trust in God’s process.

Remember, the seed of the new lies present in the shell of the old. The seed represents unrealized potential, and the seeds He plants are always good.

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