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Thoughts on pain


When I hear the phrase “necessary evil” I often think of the word pain. In many ways, pain, as debilitating, frightening, and excruciating as it is, is a necessity. Without pain, one cannot fully comprehend joy and peace. Without the existence of pain, life in its absence wouldn't mean the same or hold the value it should. The amount of pain one is willing to endure is equivalent and directly proportionate to the amount of triumph one hopes to feel. Pain is subjective and personal on many levels. It varies in dimension and is forever evolving, keeping up with current and modern developments we so quickly become used to and dependent on. Pain can be physical and emotional. Pain can be carnal or spiritual. It can be both or either at varying times. They can also happen concurrently. The value of pain doesn't come from the state of the emotion itself, but from surviving it and thriving even as traces of its presence still lingers. Pain, then, isn't a “necessary evil”. It’s simply necessary.

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