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Thoughts on how to improve LAX - part 2


Leaving Las Vegas - photo by Seat12D

Continued from part 1

Better Seating Areas - This is self-describing.  There are torn seats that have been repaired with duct tape while others are not repaired at all.  The typical blue leather, which appears to have been blue in color at one point, is worn, dirty/greasy and full of chewed gums wads.  And the carpet, it is absolutely horrifying to look at.  Also, seating areas should remain precisely that.  Terminal 1 has carved out a (break) area for airline employees from one passenger seating area.  I do not know if Terminal 1 Authorities know this, but the airline employees even had the nerve of putting up line guides with signs that say "employees only".  Terminal 7 has had fair-type stands offering airline promotions or credit cards pop up too.  These have resulted in area reduction as well. 

New Mops and Fresh Paint - I will leave it at that.  This bullet point and the previous one go together.  Tile and terrazzo floors are dull and dingy.  Ceramic tile in bathrooms have dirty rag streaks.  Ceiling tiles are gray, walls (and glass) have greasy fingerprints, etc. etc.  Looks like the maintenance crew is non-existent.

Laptop (Work) Stations - I have seen that at other airports, such as Las Vegas McCarran and Denver International, there are dedicated work areas for those who need or (want) to access their laptops - without having to go to some type of eatery or bar to use a counter or tabletop.  Obviously, these work areas do not compare to those found in a Frequent/Elite Flier Club, but us regular folk can count on some desktop space, a chair, lighting and an outlet to plug in to to either work or just pass the time on a laptop.  The best thing about these workstations is that they are free to use - imagine that novel concept.

WiFi Access - As mentioned in the previous bullet point, McCarran and Denver International have laptop work stations for anybody to use.  What I didn't mention was the fact that these airports also offer free WiFi/ Internet access.  If these places are able to offer these services free of charge, shouldn't LAX also follow their lead?  Well, maybe not, T-Mobile might suffer a hardship here................

To be continued in final part 3.