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Thoughts on how to improve LAX - part 1


Somewhere over the Mohave - photo by seat12D

If I give it a bit of thought, I am sure that I can think many things that are wrong with LAX.  But, I don't like to be negative or sound like a whiner therefore, I am going to look this topic in a different light (or try at least).  When out and about for work, I can't help but marvel at design aspects and enjoy (traveler) services and amenities from other airports.  I understand that our LAX is "older" compared to many domestic airports, but LAX should still hold its own.  It is a springboard to the Far East and Australia and it is among the top 5 busiest airports in the country.  Plus it is the first thing tourists see when flying in (and for us locals when coming home), so there is an image here that needs to be kept.

With that said, and rather than this being a list of things that are wrong with LAX, I will treat this as a list of suggested "improvements" for my home airport.  If you have flown in and/or out of LAX, see if any of these items make sense.  I could wish or suggest some really wild stuff but then reality checks in.....
A permanent home for the Police - As you drive into the airport, whether picking up or dropping off, the first thing you see are the local Police under a makeshift checkpoint made with tents.  No disrespect to these good folks, but sometimes, full plastic trash cans and piles of orange cones also stand guard there.  This does not look good any way you see it. 
A permanent home for TSA Agents too - Since 9/11, if you are not flying, then you are not allowed to the gate areas.  As a result, TSA has set up shop at gate access areas - the result: a big mess.  TSA is basically operating in a space that is not designed to meet their function.  These checkpoint security areas should be redesigned to allow them to do their job properly.  Not only will it make their job easier (and improve their attitude maybe?), it would ease frustrations for travelers.  This should suggestion should be embraced since I really don't think the days family and friends joining you at the gate are returning any time soon.
Attitude Adjustment - This probably my only complaint in this list, but TSA Agents really need to adjust their attitude.  Agents need some type of training in this aspect.  Yelling and intimidating travelers does not mean you have authority, but treating travelers with courtesy and respect does.

To be continued.....