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Thoughts on how to Improve LAX, conclusion


Leaving Las Vegas - photo by Seat12d


Better Variety In Eating Areas - If you have noticed, there are not that many options for eateries at LAX.  Granted, I am not expecting to see full service restaurants, but some more variety would make for a better travel experience.  McDonald's and Starbucks are OK, but a good sandwich shop/deli and/or a nice bakery/dessert place with speedy service to go, would be attractive.  A couple of months ago, a Pink's Hot Dog shop opened up at LAX, but it's in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.  This is a great ,local and popular eatery, but unless your flight leaves from this Terminal, you are out of luck.

More Variety In Shops - The same goes for retail shops in the terminals.  Other airports offer "malls".  At LAX, some terminals do not even have shops at all.  In some terminals, there are retail "spaces" (for lack of a better term) installed up against corridor walls.  Hudson News can be found in a terminal or two, but that's about it.  By better variety in shops, I do not mean that a full-blown shopping center should be added to the airport complex, but it would be nice to be able to choose from a Coke Zero and a pack of Frito's for example, and not just bottled water and trail mix.

Spruce-Up The Outside - LAX is getting old quickly and much of the exteriors have also stayed in the past.  Many improvements can be implemented here, including placing some green areas/trees/potted plants, freshening-up exterior wall finishes, installing upgraded signage and terminal identification and unifying lighting fixtures (some give off white light, others have an orange glow).  It is amazing how small details such as these can change an appearance.

The Tom Bradley Terminal - I don't know if any of my fellow (local) travelers have noticed, but it appears that only the Tom Bradley International Terminal is undergoing renovation.  What happened to the other terminals???

After offering these suggestions, are these too much to ask???


  • Jim 5 years ago

    I think the biggest improvement to LAX would be a rail line. Connect the green line to the airport so it goes straight into the terminal.

  • Joel Siegfried - San Diego Airport Examiner 5 years ago

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  • Felipe Flores 5 years ago

    Jim, you are absolutely right about your suggested improvement. An all-inclusive transportation center located next to LAX, that would include taxi, shuttle and/or bus service would be ideal. One stop for whatever your need. That should also ease traffic at LAX. It is annoying to deal with so many cars, cabs, buses, etc. after landing. Maybe LAX should have its own rail station???