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Thoughts on Fox Pulling Animation Domination High-Definition from Late Night TV

The Logo of the ill fated Late Night Line Up from Fox
The Logo of the ill fated Late Night Line Up from Fox
Fox Broadcasting Company

In reading a recent Deadline Hollywood article, learning that Animation Domination High-Definition, better known as ADHD, was being eliminated on Fox's late night line up was not a shock. On June 28th marks the final week of the block on terrestrial TV, from there the block becomes a digital and primetime initiative. As mentioned in the Deadline article, Fox is putting two currently unnamed series for primetime starting some point next year. Of course as ADHD was a way to capitalize on the success Cartoon Network has had with Adult Swim, what more can they really do with the brand?

The digital initiative of ADHD was effective, in fact there was a massive amount of potential. The short bits of Axe Cop footage looked pleasing, then I saw High School USA and cringed. As the lineup developed you couldn't help but see the writing on the wall from that first 11 pm airing over the Summer. Note this with Axe Cop in comic form worked, it was strange and odd but had genuine heart to it. Axe Cop on ADHD focused on the strange and odd elements more and screamed Fox wanted their own Adult Swim style show and that didn't go the way they planned.

At least with Axe Cop you can see that it was a failed experiment as to how it used the source material. In another circumstance, Axe Cop could easily be a family friendly show. On the other hand, High School USA was a disaster. The less said about High School USA the better, think bad Archie Comics rip off and take it to new heights. High School USA was one of the worst pieces of animation to have come along in a long time. To insert personal opinion, Axe Cop at least got a few laughs out of me and High School USA couldn't even elicit a chuckle.

Now ADHD moves on to digital and primetime, I have more faith in the digital initiative than I do the primetime one. Unless the prime time lineup they're planning is of high quality, Fox just stick with the digital and keep far away from primetime. Unless you got a good game plan that's better than copy Adult Swim, stick with the quick digital fix because that suits your format better than any full series you could come up with.