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Thoughts From the Recesses of My Mind

One of my favorite conservative thinkers is Thomas Sowell. While I don't agree with him 100% of the time, I am in awe of his intellect and writing ability. Every so often Sowell writes a column he titles "Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene" which is basically a collection of statements which reflect his conservative viewpoint and how it relates to society today. For example:

"President Obama really has a way with words, such as calling the problems that millions of people have had trying to sign up for ObamaCare "glitches." When the Titanic sank, was that a 'glitch'?"

I've always loved these columns since his pithy, to the point commentary skewers liberalism, the media, and political correctness like a machine gun mowing down the enemy in a war (of words). I never pretended to be the writer (or thinker) Sowell is but every so often I like to imitate his approach by randomly tossing verbal shots at those who would fundamentally change and (quite possibly) destroy the USA with their radical agenda.

Ready, aim- fire:

(By the way the last three sentences contain enough gun references to get me suspended from most public and private schools in today's politically correct insane asylum.)

How did we get from George Washington's "I cannot tell a lie" to a majority of Americans saying their President lies "some or most of the time"?

When did "Give me liberty or give me death" become "gimme"?

Who thinks more gun laws will stop criminals from using guns to do bad things? Doesn't the word criminal imply they don't obey the law? Or will the next gun law cause them to see the light? (See Chicago)

Why are the Occupy Wall Street protestors called a grass roots organization and the Tea Party Patriots called domestic terrorists or racists? (If you can't see the problem here, you're part of the problem here.)

If Democrats are the party of unfettered abortion, and sex-selection abortions mostly kill unborn females, who conducts the real war on women?

When Muslim countries discriminate against Christians, imprison Christians and kill Christians- why is there silence in the mainstream media? Fear? Or are they covering for comrades-in-arms?

Finally, on this Earth Day 2014, Paul Ehrlich predicted global catastrophe by 2000 and Al Gore predicted the polar cap would be ice free by 2013. We've gone from a coming Ice Age (1970's) to Global Warming to climate change in an elaborate bait and switch designed to destroy free enterprise no matter the evidence. Hurricane activity up/down- it's climate change and it's man's fault. Too warm/cold- it's climate change and it's man's fault. To much/little rain- it's climate change and it's man's fault.

It reminds me of the Emperor's New Clothes when only the elite could see the Emperor's finery. It was left to a child to point out he was actually in his underwear.

Hey all you lefties- Al's in his underwear.

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