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Thoughts are things: How are you speaking to yourself?

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If you catch yourself saying or thinking any of these particular well known phrases, "when it rains it pours" or "it is just one thing after another," pay heed to what you are telling yourself.

This “Negative Nelly” type of mentality tends to pop up for many souls during the holiday seasons. The Holiday seasons bring great joy for many people, but still for some they bring some not so good feelings and/or memories.

Simply put – when you are caught in a stream of thought such as the one described above, what is happening is that your mind has confirmed this as a “reality” at some point in time. You are caught in a groove. Truth be told, this reality is based upon some of the experiences your body has walked through in this lifetime, and in this sense it is valid. The problem is that your mind is re-creating this reality over and over and over again in your world of experience, and this is because these thoughts have been subconsciously embedded into your thought stream over time. In other words, it is a mere habit in thought that is creating the very reality you do not wish to experience. Just remember – this does not mean that you have to abide consistently in such a state of experiencing; what this does reflect however, is that it is prime time to teach your mind otherwise.

The key is to become aware of what you are allowing yourself to focus upon.

We can learn to still the mind no matter what we are experiencing in life.

After all, why make it any harder on ourselves right? Life is life; in simply choosing to be alive we are accepting the fact that we may or may not experience certain things in life as we move forward. We are and will be faced with certain life experiences – it is what it is.

Does telling yourself that it is “too hard, you don’t deserve it, you can’t,” make what you are indeed experiencing, any easier for you? No, it does not. So, practically speaking, why not work to accept what you are experiencing in this given moment? Why not take responsibility for how you are choosing to handle it? Perhaps this will help you become more aware of how your thoughts create your reality, providing you with an opportunity to shift them.

For example: you need a job.

Your behavior: you keep telling yourself over and over how worthless you are, how there is no work, how the economy is horrible, and on top of that, you add in thoughts about why you don’t want a job or why someone would never pick you for the job.

Result: You do not get a job, or you do get a job and it reflects all of the horrible things that you are telling yourself about yourself.

Root cause: Your thoughts and feelings around getting a job, your story.

Solution: Change your story. Change what you are telling yourself. Do this consistently, every moment for at least 3 months and you will begin to see true results in your world. One thing that you can count on is that you will begin to feel better about yourself than you did prior to beginning this practice.

We can choose to whine, or we can walk forward and do what we need to do. We need not add any drama to the mix.

Simply feel the bodily feeling that pertains to whatever it is you are experiencing in the now, allow it to flow on through, and move forward. Albeit, during some experiences in life it is more difficult to stay centered, however, working with our minds and thoughts is the difference between staying above water or drowning in sorrow. Anger is a defense, and rage is a story of anger that had been held within for a very long time. Look at your stories. What are you telling yourself that turns that feeling of hurt into anger, rather than compassion for the soul who in your mind's eye has “hurt you?”

Torturing yourself is not the answer either. If you are constantly inwardly tearing yourself down, you will paralyze yourself. This is precisely why you are not able to move forward in life. You were taught such behavior by souls who simply did not know any better, and this is what your mind has learned. This is a behavior that was modeled to you earlier on in life. This is the way the mind works – the mind is colorless in nature; the environment in which you were raised has imprinted upon your mind. So if you are torturing yourself daily – either someone once tortured you or himself/herself with his/her incessant behavior while you were growing up. So are you going to remain an effect, continuing in the same behavior that never worked out for the very person who modeled it to you in the first place, or do you wish to be a cause?

Does any of this hold true for you? Well, now is the most Divine Time to teach yourself otherwise, right? Teach yourself something that is to your benefit, rather than walking around in the stories of others. Define yourself; do not allow the past or others to define you. Take action. Start treating yourself like royalty, after all, you are a child of the Divine.



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