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Thoughts about your wedding day

Thoughts about your wedding day

A new union has begun. A commitment made. Love can be seen here.
Joined together in holy matrimony

The masses may lead you to believe that weddings are for the bride, and the groom just need to show up. What should be considered here is that this day is for both of them and this is the first chapter in a new story. Your wedding is the first show of compromise in a joyous and potentially stressful situation. The wedding preparation and celebration is a look into the future of your marriage. You will be balancing budgets, deciding what to eat, where to go, dealing with family and friends that appear on both ends of the spectrum of life. Every step of planning and executing this day is a team effort and you should remember your partner at all times. The effort and diligence you and your family invested into making this day happen, into making sure you and your loved ones are happy should be seen from this day forward. Love, Communication, Tolerance, Faith and Prayer.

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Question of the Day: Who do you think would be the first to cry at your wedding?

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